The Water That Gives Back

SOLDIER WATER is a bottled water product that is owned and operated by Soldier Water, LLC and is based in the Tampa Bay area of Florida. The company was established in January, 2008 by a small group of private investors with a vision to fulfill a need to support our armed forces. Together, they have a variety of experience ranging from entrepreneurship, to sales and marketing to business management. This experienced management team has developed a concept that they feel will benefit our military and their families, while offering a quality water product to the public.

SOLDIER WATER is simply bottled water. It’s no different that “the other bottled water” – it’s what we do after you buy our water that makes SOLDIER WATER different. How are we different you ask?


SOLDIER WATER LLC seeks to serve the American people and our military families by offering a quality water product that “Gives Back”. We commit to giving 10% of our net profits to our sister organization SOLDIER WATER FOUNDATION, a non-profit organization, which is run by a board of directors comprised mainly of retired military personnel and committed to helping military personnel and their families in times of crisis and financial need. Every time someone buys a bottle of SOLDIER WATER they are “Giving Back” – 10% of the net profit will go directly to SOLDIER WATER FOUNDATION.

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