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Super Tailgate Throwdown

Super Bowl Event
January 29-31, 2009
Al Lopez Field
Tampa, Florida
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Our Troops

Fellow Americans...

We need you to help us GIVE BACK to our TROOPS! We are asking for your support so that we can fill these pages with pictures and stories of how Soldier Water, Soldier Water Foundation and the American People joined together to help our Armed Forces and their families – simply by drinking water! You drink water every day – why not make it Soldier Water!

As we grow the Foundation with Soldier Water’s commitment of 10% of their net profits and your support - we will fill these pages with how YOU helped – with stories, pictures and testimonials of what your contribution has done to positively impact the lives of our dedicated military personnel and their families. Simply by choosing to make the SWITCH to Soldier Water, a product you drink everyday in your life, you will be making a DIFFERENCE.

We want you to give us feedback – tell us what you feel is needed, and ways the Foundation can help our military families. We offer a blog on this site for your immediate advice or concerns, and in the future we will include a forum just for your discussions. We encourage you to tell your friends and family about it and ask that they share their thoughts with us as well. Tell us what you want – and we will strive to make it happen.

In the meantime – we also need your help and support. Tell your families, friends and neighbors to MAKE the SWITCH – drink Soldier Water because in making this small change – it will impact your lives – by simply drinking Soldier Water. -- Website Design by QG Partnership